Meet the production staff

Tom Hall



Carol Bradbury


Phil Lightbown


Lloyd Allan


Simon Newitt


Get to know the production staff

Our diligent production staff work hard to produce the best, high-quality and professional Point of Sale displays for each of our customers.

We specialise in value engineering and by having a range of in-house production capabilities and equipment, our manufacturing team offer their best expertise knowledge and skills on every job. 

We think it's important for you to know the production team as they put in huge amounts of effort, commitment and time when producing displays, no matter how big or small the job is.

As a small business, we like to ensure that every person working at POS Displays has a good relationship with one another. This allows for knowledge and opinions to be shared around the business, which creates a more comfortable working environment. 

Our designers work closely with the factory team to build understandings in both fields of work. This makes jobs run smoother and more efficient as there are no barriers between the design stage and manufacturing stage.

Our in-house CNC

Our in-house CNC