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Emily Johnson



Lauren Cuthbertson


Designer and digital marketer 

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Find out a but more about our two designers

Both of our designers have a strong passion and drive for creating and producing unique display designs for our clients. With a strong understanding and knowledge of 3D design and manufacturing, they are committed to creating dynamic solutions for your display needs.

Emily and Lauren focus on designing innovative and unique displays that will help your products to stand out in a busy retail environment. Working closely with each client allows our designers to get the best understanding of our customers display needs, which helps us to create and manufacture the best possible outcome for every display.

From start to finish, they will guide clients through the process of working with us and make sure that our designs are suitable for each job.

As well as working on the 3D designs and visuals, Lauren and Emily work on the businesses digital marketing and produce original content for blogs, articles and advertising purposes.