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Who we are

 We are a small family run business based in Leicester, full of creative, caring and experienced people. We're only a small team, but our commitment, genuine passion and care for shows in everything that we do.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the design, development, print and manufacturing industry, we know just how important our customers are and we take pride in creating long lasting relationships with each of our clients. With an established track record in successfully assisting brands and retailers connect with their customers, we take the time to get to know each of our clients personally to ensure we give the best support for every job.

Our business is focused on creating successful, cost-effective and high quality Point of Sale displays, made specifically for your products. We prioritise your needs throughout the whole design and manufacturing process, which helps us to understand the specific requirements that are essential towards helping your products to stand out and sell.

Our business is all about connecting manufacturers to retailers and enabling the retailers to connect with their customers.

From the initial stages of design, to producing and manufacturing the finished product, our team always aim for the highest quality work and satisfied customers.

Display is your silent salesman, so make sure you stand out, and with POS Displays LTD you definitely will!


Design, developing and prototyping

 Our experienced design team work closely with the customers to give personal, dedicated support and gain a complete detailed understanding of the brief when starting a job.

Using their expertise knowledge, imagination and creativity the team work quickly, yet efficiently to produce the designs that are best suitable for each of our client’s specific needs. 

These designs are discussed with our onsite production team who have an in-depth knowledge and high attention to detail of every aspect of manufacturing, to make sure that the transition from design to prototype runs smoothly and can overcome any difficulties that they may encounter.

We have the best and brightest people working here at POS Displays who never fail to put great effort and attention to detail into all of their work. We are always ready to provide dedicated, innovative, unique and dynamic solutions for your display needs.

print, screen printing, manufacture

What we do

We create specific design concepts, print and manufacture unique point of sale merchandising and display units for a wide range of customers. 

Our production capabilities include; high quality printing, MDF, card, CNC, woodworking,  acrylic, glass, metal work, assembly,  packaging and delivery distribution in the UK and overseas.

With having strong partnerships with a range of specialist manufacturing suppliers near by, ensures a smooth transition from the first concept ideas to reality. 


Meet the team



Meet the businesses three directors



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Meet the production team

how we work

We'll come and meet you!


It’s always easier to do business face to face and we value the opportunity to share ideas about how displays can contribute to your business.

We'll listen to you


It is going to be your display  after all... so who better to tell us what you want it to do for you.

We'll discuss what you need


You know your business better than anyone else and we know ours, so  we’re in a good place to talk through the possibilities together.

We'll do some thinking and create a proposal


After all, Rome  wasn't built in a day.  But it won’t take us too long, we like to work quickly. We want to be sure you’re happy with any work we propose so we'll  spend time explaining the whole process to you & answering any  questions you have.  We won’t do a thing until you give us the thumbs  up!

We'll put our ideas together and get on with it


Don’t worry, we'll keep in touch though. You'll get regular updates  from us on the progress (if you want them) and there'll be chances to  give us feedback on the bits you like/ want to change all the way  through.

We'll present you with a final design and we will stay in touch


We ask you to sign this design off for you to prototype and proceed through production and delivery. Finally, we like to stay in contact as it is critical to make sure that your display is performing as it should be and as you want it to.

Contact Us


We love our customers and being able to help, so if you have any questions feel free to give us a call, submit a contact form, or visit us during normal business hours.

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